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We do wide range of photo shoots from a mid range products to high end range of catalog or portfolio creation. We also cater to elegant page layouts, fonts, colour scheme and position your brand, services or products to be more appealing, customer centric and provision high end online digital marketing. We work closely with our clients and also do digital marketing where we help our clients to get the high end market visibility. We pay due diligence in understanding your requirements and deliver tailor made the solution in strict accordance to the same. Also we don't cut corners towards quality work wether it is related to the elegance or high end features. We believe in giving you the best in class deliverables as we value your investment, time and ambition on the same time our brand commitment.
Yes we do take care of your needs from hosting front, we do the complete hosting setup and deploy your new website. Along with that we will do the disaster recovery or scheduled backups and updates to mitigate the risk of loosing any code and refrain from being outdated on the same time. So once the website has been approved after UAT, it would then be deployed on the production server. The development team will facilitate smooth production move and also provide detailed build documents. The development and server team while moving the portal on the production server would provide complete support.
Yes we do all kind of integration ranging from inbound and outbound feeds and also to any of the third party applications like CRM, Payment Gateway, Social Media, Analytics or any of those bespoke application through iFrame, Url or web services.
Yes, we do support and maintenance work. Also post implementation to our projects we offer limited period support complimentary as we believe in our client satisfaction. We even do a structured knowledge transfer and during knowledge transfer, dedicated resources would provide one-to-one training and on-the-job training. During knowledge transfer details of maintenance and housekeeping of the components of platform is shared. Training is provided for managing the website content. If required, training materials is also provided to the clients so that it would be easier for them to understand and relate things during the training session.
We follow agile where we have short iterations and also flexibility to cater to any custom requirements. Also we position our developments in a phase wise delivery so that you can check the progress time to time and also can share your valuable feedback or suggestions. We mitigate the risk by taking complex user stories/requirements in the initial phases which will also build our client confidence.
Technology is good to learn but all our clients are not technology savvy and thats why we give them feature rich yet very simple/easy authoring tools where they can just update most of the content by themselves without getting into technology jargon.
It is utmost important to have a digital presence not only that the world is changing so is the end user experience, customers gauge the brand through rich and elegant digital experience. Gone are the days when your site needs to only communicate the message it is much more than that some of the key features could be your platform should support: - Responsive (Mobile/tablet/Desktop support) - Rich and Elegant look and feel - Feature rich authoring experience - Brand Identity - logo's / Rich media content like pictures/videos - Analytics - CRM - SEO - Social Media - External Integrations - Scalable and Flexible - Low cost with full ownership platform - Legal Aspect - High Performance Server Hosting - CDN / Cloud based clustered environments - Security like PII, PCI compliance After all we are not only behind creating just a piece of technology based platform but look forward to be your long technology partners where we engage into any of your IT related needs which eventually will help you focus in your core business without worrying on digital market penetration and hence together we can boost your business multi-folds.

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